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Jim Hood, Owner & President 

Jim has a lifelong understanding of computers, communications systems, and Information Technology. His childhood fascination with resistors, capacitors and ham radio led to a BS in Electrical Engineering, and then to a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Stanford. For over 30 years, Jim has designed and developed computer and communications systems, networks, and IT products as a R&D specialist at IBM/Rolm and Hewlett-Packard, and he’s been actively involved in numerous high tech communications and software development firms.

Jim trained his expert eye on the small to mid-sized business market and saw a real opportunity to share his expertise in Information Technology (IT) with companies that could not usually afford their own IT departments. Jim founded his company, Intellis, in the greater Santa Rosa area in the San Francisco North Bay focused on providing IT solutions and services to small businesses. In addition to break/fix services, he provides IT consulting, project management, computer networking, network security, data backup, data and disaster recovery solutions, proactive managed services, and cloud solutions tailored to the specific needs of each small business as their IT partner and trusted technical advisor.

To help small business owners make their IT systems as productive and worry-free as possible for their businesses, Jim has written the books “How to Love IT More and Hate IT Less……A Business Owner’s Guide to Less IT Frustration and Worry”, and “A Business Guide for Protecting Sensitive Information”.   


Jim has been a featured speaker at national forums representing IBM/Rolm’s direction in communications products. He has published in the HP Journal, a Hewlett-Packard publication. Jim is a member of the IEEE Computer & Communications Societies, Optical Society of America, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), and Engineers Without Borders – San Francisco Professionals Chapter. He has numerous patents pending in the communications field, and was awarded U.S. Patents 7221429, “Wavelength Locker with Liquid Crystal Tunable Filter Generating Transmitted and Reflected Outputs”, and 7355671, “Fabrication Method for Liquid Crystal Cell”.  


                        Jim Hood, Owner & President